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Math Quiz

Question 1
How many liters can one cubic foot hold?
Question 2
28x15+354 equals what number?
Question 3
What is the answer to this simple equation: 3 x 20 + 1 = ?
Question 4
What punctuation mark goes between the two components of a ratio?
Question 5
Jack wears his favourite jumper twice a week for a year, plus four extra times. How many times does he wear it?
Question 6
If a pyramid has 7 faces, what shape is its base?
Question 7
What name is given to a line that goes from one side of a circle to the other through its centre?
Question 8
819+550+281 equals what number?
Question 9
Bob is 25, John is 24 and Fred is 31. What is their combined age?
Question 10
1827+1222+617 equals what number?
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