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Movies Quiz

Question 1
Victor McLaglen won Best Actor for The Informer in 1935, and 17 years later became the first such winner to also win a Supporting Actor Oscar, for The Quiet Man. And both times, the English actor was playing characters of what nationality?
Question 2
The "W" stood for Wark and he directed an astonishingly racist epic called "Birth of a Nation." Who is he?
Question 3
In 2007's "The Page Turner", what did Deborah Francois have childhood dreams of becoming?
Question 4
What TV show did Quentin Tarantino appear as an Elvis impersonator?
Question 5
Who was the first black person to win the Best Actress Oscar?
Question 6
Wyatt Wingfoot was a college roommate of which of these characters?
Question 7
Who directed the 2013 film "The Book Thief"?
Question 8
Which of these Sci-Fi movies starring Bill Pullman was released first?
Question 9
Who takes over Peter's job of photographer at the Daily Bugle in the 2007 film "Spider-Man 3"?
Question 10
Which of these films won an Oscar for Best Picture first?
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