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Literature Quiz

Question 1
What color is the Knight Bus in "Harry Potter"?
Question 2
In Anne Rice's "Memnoch the Devil", why did Roger and Dora always meet at the same hotel?
Question 3
What author is generally recognized as the father of the modern detective story?
Question 4
What is the title of the children's book co-authored by funny man Dave Barry in 2006?
Question 5
Which of these is not another name used by Woodrow Wilson Smith?
Question 6
In Dean Koontz's "The Good Guy", who is mistaken for a hit man?
Question 7
Winston Smith is the central character in which book?
Question 8
In the "Harry Potter" books, where was the Sorcerer's Stone supposed to be hidden?
Question 9
Who lives at Number Four Privat Drive?
Question 10
According to his autobiography "The Measure of a Man", what did Sidney Poitier grow up without?
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