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Literature Quiz

Question 1
Which of these words is an antonym for beautiful?
Question 2
Which author wrote The Beach?
Question 3
What novel by Lois Lowry follows a boy who is selected to inherit the ability to store past memories?
Question 4
How many rode into Tennyson's 'valley of death'?
Question 5
When should a pronoun be used in the subjective case?
Question 6
What 2013 novel by James Patterson takes place after "Alex Cross, Run"?
Question 7
Albert Camus' novel "The Plague" is set in which African country?
Question 8
Who wrote "The House of Seven Gables"?
Question 9
Who wrote the book "The Mirrors of Downing Street"?
Question 10
In the "Harry Potter" series, what type of broom does Cho Chang use?
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